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Izolda Trakhtenberg

Creativity, Confidence, and Courage

My goal is to help you empower yourself with actionable guidance, missions, and strategies. Together, we will guide you to build self-awareness, confidence, motivation, and success.

Authentic Self-Worth

We also focus on the creative spark and how we can use it to increase authenticity. Additionally, we tackle issues of fear, insecurity, and despair. Many of us want to break free of old patterns, fears, and programming.

We just need to hear a single word or idea to start us on the path to change and growth. Let’s explore these realms together. We will seek the answers to inspire, excite, and embolden you to live the joyful and satisfying life you were meant to live.

The Self-Made Creative Podcast has received a couple of wonderful new reviews. Listen to episodes of this raw, real, and unedited five-minute daily show. iTunes  |  Google Play

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Communication and Telling Your Story Better

See the Workshops page on how my confidence, leadership, and communication workshops can help you thrive. Moreover, Work In Harmony, the team-building workshop, will help you band together to create. When we see ourselves authentically, anything is possible. When we know our inherent worth, we can do anything!

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Helping people create and build their sense of self worth

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