How to Gain Stillness and Clarity in a Clamorous World

The clarity of a crystal blue sky and waning crescent moon in New Mexico
The moon over Acoma Pueblo

Clarity: The need for inner focus in a noisy world

The cacophony of everyday life can deafen us to our inner voice. In order to focus and gain clarity, we need to go into the quiet, into the stillness. Imagine being a bird high in the sky. The noise of the down-to-earth is silenced when you ride the thermals. You get the lay of the land, the bird’s eye view. In that moment, you gain wisdom and clarity.

Today’s podcast is a special one. Find a comfortable spot to sit down or lie down (don’t listen to this one in the car), and participate in this guided meditation into the clouds. Come back and do this meditation anytime you need stillness, are having trouble focusing, or need to gain clarity on an issue.

Together, we can carve out the time and space to be silent enough to hear what our innermost thoughts are trying to tell us. This meditation is from my first book, “Life Elements“. Enjoy it, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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