Own Your Talk! Statement of Benefits

Own Your Talk! Workshop

Presentation, Confidence, and Communication Skill-Building Through The Story


Benefits and Results Statement

Addresses Company Goals and Mission

  • Custom-tailored to each organization to align with a prior needs assessment per company management liaison and company mission statement to boost teamwork, performance, and profits.
  • Improved employee productivity, cohesion, and communication.
  • Better employee retention and awareness of company vision and their own role within it.
  • Employees learn how to articulate and promote company mission in their narrative

Improves Communication

  • Build practical skills on crafting compelling and engaging stories for communication of data and information.
  • Individuals find their unique voices and learn how to use them to story-tell effectively.
  • Employees learn key marketing and public relations awareness strategies using storytelling methods
  • Audience connection and engagement,
    • Authentic communication
    • Identifying audience needs and wishes in the moment
    • Create engaging and informative narratives
  • Increase perception, and awareness skills for effective communication
  • Increase comfort level with telling individualized stories that relate and resonate with audiences.
  • Build collaborative communication skills to create engaging presentations and data communication.

Enhances Team Dynamics

  • Participants learn to be aware of each other, to look to each other to succeed and to become a cohesive unit.
  • Improve ability to perceive and sense other team members’ contributions to team goals.
  • Instruction and support materials on numerous proven techniques help build communication skills, teamwork, and cohesion. Actionable techniques and supporting materials for continued improvement and progress include:
    • Six full exercise sets with detailed instructions on how to progress post-workshop
    • Over 25 powerful communication and articulation techniques
    • Practice cards and other supplemental materials available.
  • Collaborative and cooperative techniques that apply to company goals and processes.

Sharpens Listening Skills

  • Using specific, focused techniques, participants hone fundamental listening and concentration skills and apply them to their professional tasks.
  • Proven listening and communication technique instruction and practice.

Ignites the Creative Process and Creative Problem-Solving

  • Participants build creative problem-solving skills and become more facile in reasoning and ingenuity.
  • Learn to synthesize information from disparate sources into a coherent narrative whole.

Builds Employee Confidence

  • Participants discover self-assurance through proven physical, emotional, and psychological techniques.
  • They lose self-consciousness and gain confidence in the inclusive atmosphere.

Reduces Stress and Enhances Morale

  • Stress-management techniques to reduce public speaking anxiety and nervousness in work environment.
  • Specific techniques to aid in gaining focus, and learning to manage time and projects.
  • Participants release fear and discomfort and communicate authentically.


  • A shared vulnerability of singing forges bonds, coalesces teams, and enhances participant understanding of each other.
  • The “Together, we can do this!” atmosphere fosters common ground. Work In Harmony can spark astounding long-term changes in employee morale and performance that result in company strength and growth.
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