Work In Harmony

Strike a Note of Confidence Together!

Leadership, Confidence, and Team-building Through Singing

A study published in the “Frontiers in Psychology” concluded that when people sing together their heartbeats synchronize. The best way to focus your team on a goal is to reach for it with one voice and one heart.

Work In Harmony Workshop Statement of Benefits. See the many benefits of bringing this effective workshop to your organization.

Connect and Communicate with Your First Instrument

Building Work In Harmony Skills

What is the first thing we do when we are born? We vocalize. We communicate! Making sound is our birthright, and we achieve greatness with it.

Within minutes, even the most hesitant or shy people will be energized, sharing, and building the confidence to thrive.

Every person brings their unique voice to your company’s choir. The Work In Harmony workshop will get you and your team singing! You will learn how to take those new skills of confidence and communication and apply them to improve productivity and communication. As a result, your company will grow and thrive.

Work In Harmony techniques develop creativity, sharpen listening skills, improve communication, and enhance team cohesion in your company. Scientific studies support these results.

Work In Harmony in action
“Ready? Set? Sing!” -Work In Harmony.

The encouraging atmosphere and proven methods will help you develop a creative bond and common group focus.

Build skills on your own with these audio files.

You and your team will be forever changed!


Our Mission is to help companies establish a working environment where everyone feels creative, focused, and productive all in an atmosphere that fosters self-confidence and positive group solidarity.

montagegrid2Cultivate confidence, team focus, and ingenuity.

  • Held at your place of business and customized to fit your time frame and needs.
  • We create a collaborative fun event that’s proven to build teamwork, individual confidence, and creativity.
  • Benefits your organization through better retention, morale, and performance.

Gifted communicator review
Participant Evaluation

Each Workshop Is Customized To Suit Your Company’s Needs

  • Does your company need to build creativity and generate ideas?
  • Does your team need to build focus and learn to work together more productively?
  • Do your staff members need to cultivate confidence in their ability to be their best?

We customize each workshop to fit your company’s specific needs. Each participant will receive a special document full of tips and applications that will keep your employees learning, growing, and focused.

Workshop Description

  • We will develop our voices to communicate, coalesce as a group, and achieve goals together.
  • Use physical and vocal exercises and techniques, and focusing tools, to connect participants creatively and to forge a common focus.
  • Increase participants’ comfort level and confidence.
  • Increase the ability to focus on individual tasks while working within a group
  • Develop listening skills.
People singing around piano
Working in Harmony

Work In Harmony increases participants’ comfort level with vocalizing and develops the ability to focus on individual goals while working within a group. Participants develop listening, singing, and speaking skills to promote effective communication.

Activities include:

  • Physical warm-up exercises
  • Vocal warm-up exercises designed to:
    • Open the singing passages
    • Unblock resonators
    • Free the voice
  • Techniques to strengthen vocal power and establish good vocal mechanics to prevent strain
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Pitch matching
  • Vocal communication
  • Techniques and methods to hone listening and focusing skills
  • Caring for your voice
  • Learning and singing songs in harmony to build team focus

Participants begin to see in each other kindred spirits in song. They leave this workshop with the knowledge that together, working as a team, they created something magnificent.

Discover the Many Benefits of Work In Harmony

Enhance Team Dynamics

Participants build a common focus as they use the singing platform to find ways in which they can better work together. The goal is to blend their skills just as they blend their voices in song.

Participants become aware of each other. They work together and look at and to each other. Through this, they forge a cohesive unit. They develop skills to work together to create and achieve goals.

The shared vulnerability of singing brings people closer together and gives them a greater understanding of one another.

These strides will increase your employees’ productivity and enthusiasm. That will improve your business.

Creativity and the Creative Process

Your voice is your creative wellspring. Through this workshop, participants bring forth new ideas and develop their abilities for improvisation and accessing their individual creative process.

Singing allows us to soar beyond the language part of the brain to access the more integrated and holistic aspects of the thought process.

Sharpen Listening Skills

Work In Harmony improves listening and concentration skills on a basic level and engages participants to communicate with one another. These skills will benefit the way your employees work together.

Build Confidence To Do Your Best

Participants discover self-assurance by just making sound together. They forget to be self-conscious in this inclusive atmosphere where everyone works together.

Improve Communication

Individuals find their voice and the voice then becomes their instrument. When we get over that fear or discomfort, communications becomes limitless.

Since everyone in the workshop is equal, there is no hierarchy and previously undiscovered talent can be raised and recognized.

Increased confidence in singing both individually and within a group yields many rewards when establishing a new team as participants work together to create a harmonious and melodious sound. This has been found to instill a sense of camaraderie in the participants.

Workshop Specifications

  • Length: 2-4 hours (customized day-long retreats are available)
  • Location: At your place of business
  • Technical Requirements: Tables and chairs for the participants, projector, screen, cables, pencils and scratch paper. A detailed rider will be made available to you.

Get in touch for more information.

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