Writer’s Block? Or Creative Incubation

Writer’s block or incubation image with two book coversCreativity Blocks
I believe one of the worst things that we can do for our creative process is to label our downtime with a negative connotation. Sometimes, we need time to think, to ruminate, to create the worlds, universes, paintings, songs, books, or speeches. And if that means that we spend some time not creating, that’s OK.

There are times you need to have time to figure out what you want to say before you get down to the business of saying it. What some term writer’s block, I term incubation. I had to realize, after writing four books, that the way I write best is voice-to-text. That makes sense now that I think of it because I communicate best with my voice. However, it took me until recently to figure that out and make use of it.

So, when you feel blocked, take time figure out what might break the block. Do you need to approach your creation differently like I did? Do you need to start over? Or, perhaps you need to bang your head against the wall a few times? Whatever it is, do it and then approach your creative process with fresh eyes.

Self-flagellation, or worse, criticism from others about your lack of progress can destroy the creative process. So, give it time. But don’t spend too much time lying fallow. You do want to finish after all. Remember: unfinished projects are the devil’s playthings.

Get in touch with me and let me know where your creativity is taking you. Do you have buried creative seeds that are about to blossom? Or, is your soil lying fallow while you wait for spring?

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