Me, too.

You know what’s funny? I was talking to my friend Lynne the other night and said that I was the only woman I knew who had never been sexually assaulted or harassed. But, that’s not true. Rather, I have had things happen so often that I don’t even think of them as assault or harassment. … More Me, too.

Playing for Keeps

I tell this to every student and every participant at every workshop. We are all going to be called upon to take chances. Each time we try we might fail. But to restate the old adage, sometimes you win the prize. Sometimes you learn the lesson. It has to be about that. It has to … More Playing for Keeps

Promise yourself …

Under promise and over deliver even if it is to yourself. Set your goals and then incinerate them. So, what are you invested in? Figure it out and then go to work! Tag someone who needs to see this. #goals #goalsetting #writing #amwriting #personaldevelopment #success #dedicationhasnolimitation #whatareyouinvestedin #wordcount 

“Hello! Can Anybody Hear Me?” and other voice issues

I talked before about finding your voice in the written word and will explore that further in the future. Today, I want to speak about audio. Audio is ubiquitous with more and more people starting podcasts, posting live videos, and presenting live in meetings and during the course of their lives. As we develop our … More “Hello! Can Anybody Hear Me?” and other voice issues

Pick a card, any card

Here’s an easy way to spark some creative thinking and problem-solving. Pick a card, any card. Every card has a different object. Figure out its story. Does everyone want it? Is it causing problems? Conflict? How will you resolve things? How will you solve the problem? Answer those questions with the story. Then, transfer those … More Pick a card, any card