Moving Beyond Terror = Showing Up

Yesterday, when I promised to write about this topic, I thought I would be rarin’ to go. I’m amazed how insidious that self-doubt can be. I’ll do anything to avoid getting my butt in the seat and doing the work. […]

Resistance Isn't Futile. It just wants you to think resisting it, is.

I’m reading Steven Pressfield’s excellent book, “The War of Art.” If you have any desire to pursue your art, run towards this book with open arms. So far, it’s amazing, validating, and oh so frustrating. Pressfield points out all the […]

We Are With You – On supportive creative communities

Yesterday, I facilitated my “Present Out Loud” workshop at Balticon (the Maryland Regional Science Fiction/Fantasy convention). The workshop is on how to present/read your work at bookstore events, interviews, audio narrations, and workshops. We worked on breath technique, voicing, characterization, […]