It is better to be scarred than to be scared

Here are today’s power words from the Show Up! Journal. I realized this morning that I have been letting fear keep me from acting. Instead of standing up, stepping up, and showing up, I’ve been avoiding. And that has kept me from delivering on my promises to myself. Because, here’s the thing, my deadlines are self-imposed. No one else knows if I blow them off. I’m the only one who will check in on me. And that means that I bear the responsibility. I’ve realized that I have been creating busy work because of fears that if I tried, I might fail.

But here’s the thing, if I don’t try, I certainly won’t fail. But I also won’t taste the possible sweetness of victory. And since my victory is all about service to others, it is incumbent on me to stand and deliver. I’m willing to brave the scars because being scared is no longer an option. That is freeing, exhilarating, and mysterious. Here’s to showing up.

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