Problem-solving in the age of apps

“There’s an app for that,” are some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard or said. 

I’m thrilled to see so many talented people create apps that do just about anything I could want. It allows us to be independent and creative in how we run our businesses. 

That counts for a lot for this solo entrepreneur. Just about anything I need can be had with a quick google search and perusing a few reviews. 

That’s crucial by the way. Always read reviews. You will find what’s best and worst about an app before you ever download it. It will save you time, frustration, and hair pulling. 

My latest favorite app is TempoSlowMo. It allows you tos owes up the tempo of spoken word files. Listening to an audiobook to improve your marketing? Is the reader a little slow or dry? Speed the entire thing to 2x. You will still get the information but in half the time. 

Great app for busy solopreneurs and anyone else who likes to be efficient. 

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