Tell Stories Better

Don’t just tell better stories, tell your stories better!

The latest trend in presenting of any kind instructs us to tell better stories. We must tell compelling tales in order to succeed.

Better stories are important and how we tell our stories is equally crucial. I am thrilled to tell you about Tell Stories Better, the two-hour workshop on the physical, mental, and emotional connective techniques we must master to give powerful, effective presentations.

Remember, every presentation is a two-way street. It is about how we communicate and connect with our audience.

Build confidence and learn to captivate your audience as you communicate in interviews, meetings, and presentations.

Public speaking is an art and a science. With Tell Stories Better, participants learn both avenues to help them speak with comfort and conviction as they present in any arena.

Participants will find their best voices for communicating with their audiences. This skill set is of great benefit to students and others for interviews, conferences, group and association meetings, and other events.

In This Workshop You Will:

  • Develop your true voice
  • Present information that engages and excites your audience
  • Connect with your audience using modulation and vocal techniques
  • Apply proper breathing, projection, enunciation, inflection, and emotion as you communicate
  • Develop the confidence crucial to bringing out a nuanced and authentic presentation

Izolda’s workshop got everyone out of their seats and moving. Her tips were both informative and entertaining. This workshop is a must. -Amy Kaplan, President of the Howard County chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association

Target Audience: Who Will Benefit Most From These Exciting Workshops?

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Students
  • Group/Association Annual Meetings
  • Writers’ groups and conferences
  • You!

Thank you for visiting. As a bonus, here are some just a few Audio Files for Warming Up and Building Vocal Facility

Follow these instructions to warm-up and prepare for any speaking engagement.

Stretching (Stretch your body and prepare for the deep breathing warm-up)
Breathing (Deepen your breathing and relax your body and mind)
Voiced/Non-voiced Consonants (Warm-up the speaking apparatus)
Minimal Animal (Tongue Twister)
Red Leather, Yellow Leather (Tongue Twister)
Unique New York (Tongue Twister)
Kinky Cookie (Tongue Twister)
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper (Tongue Twister)
Sheena Leads, Sheila Needs (Tongue Twister)

Workshop Specifications

  • Length: 2-4 hours (customized day-long retreats are available)
  • Location: At your place of business
  • Technical Requirements: Tables and chairs for the participants, projector, screen, cables, pencils and scratch paper. A detailed rider will be made available to you.

Get in touch to book a workshop or for more information.