Public speaking confidence – first steps on the path to success

Public Speaking – Never be nervous again!

I do a lot of public speaking and performing. Whether as an educator, workshop facilitator, or performer, I connect with, excite, and inspire my audiences every time. People ask me how I seem so comfortable on stage.

“Don’t you get nervous?” They ask. I used to be terrified. But now? My answer is always, “No. I don’t get nervous.” Take a listen to the podcast to learn how I communicate and present without nervousness. I discuss techniques to connect with an audience. We also delve into how to increase both your and their comfort level and to engage and entertain them regardless of the topic.

Remember, they want you to succeed. Like actor Chris Pratt‘s lovable screw-up Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec and Lou Costello‘s many movie and television show characters, the audience loves us and wants us to succeed. They don’t want to deride us for our failures. They want to cheers with us on our successes. Why? It’s for the same reason we love Chris and Lou. We want the underdog to succeed. We particularly love a comeback story. So, if you screw up like crazy, remember, that just means we’ll all be rooting for you to rise from the ashes stronger than ever.