Work it!

Work with what you've gotToday’s Show Up! Journal power words. Yep. We can all get down on ourselves about how little we’ve accomplished. Or, worse, we can compare what we have accomplished to what everyone else seems to have accomplished. It’s especially hard when we decide to compare ourselves to people who are obviously farther along than we are.

 There are two ways that we can go. We can get crushed by it, or we can rise up and destroy the doubts and grab that goal with both hands. 

Here’s how.

First, you’ve got to know yourself. Know your strengths. Accept your weaknesses. Know which one to use when. Is that going to be easy? Of course not. None of this is easy. 

Then, we must know what we want. Next, we must know which of our strengths and characteristics we can apply to the mission. We have to tell ourselves we can do it. We have to make the goal and the goal posts concrete. We need a plan. And then once we have a plan, we go work it until we achieve. 

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