You survived. Credit yourself with that. 

You survived graphic  

Today’s Show Up! Journal power words: so many people talk about gratitude to their families for their success. But what if your family wasn’t supportive? What if instead of being supportive, they were abusive? What if your daily life brought vicious emotional or physical attacks from the very people you were supposed to be able to trust?

If that is your history, you must give yourself special care. Show yourself a lot of love and be your own biggest cheerleader. Be your own buoy. 

If they didn’t support you, somehow you found the tools to survive, and you got here today. And that means you have a strength and spirit to your core that will never be broken. Yes, you might come from a horrifying early life, but now? You can thrive. You can succeed. You have more tools than most to do it. You survived, and before you go anywhere else, before you do anything else, credit yourself with that.

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