Experiment in Motion: How Much I Move Chart, Day 3

I moved both more and less than the previous days. I spent a lot more time eating. It was Thanksgiving so I’m cutting myself some slack. As an aside, I ate pretty well. The food was delicious, healthy, and wonderful. I ate no sugar and had berries for dessert. I did break my no-wheat rule, which I am paying for in some extra pain today, but it was worth it because the various pestos I brought (mushroom artichoke heart, garlic basil, bruschetta, and the cream cheese garlic concoction known as xteepeetee*) are best with a warm slice of baguette.

The big news was that I did keep up with the aerobics rule and did more minutes of Just Dance on XBox. I love it! It’s superior to anything on Wii, although, I must admit, I miss Dance Dance Revolution in its footwork complexity. And I do like the interface a little better when playing DDR.

So, here’s the chart. As you can see, it’s more skewed towards sitting and eating than movin’ and groovin’ but I’m hoping that will change as the experiment progresses.

* If you want recipes, drop me a line and I’ll try to put them together.

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