Things Break – How We Deal With That Defines Us

My thanks go out to all who worked so hard to make this Balticon as good as it could be.

I saw so many of you running, running, running, putting out fires I never knew about. Sure, there were troubles. We all had some. But, really, it was a huge undertaking and not without some inherent challenges. And I’ve heard about plans to modify the way things are done to alleviate many of the issues so things run more smoothly and the entire Con is a great experience for all. Every event of this kind has a lot of challenges. Things go wrong and get wacky. It’s how we deal with said wackiness that makes everything go. I am certain many lessons were learned about how to make next year’s Balticon shine.

I have a few thanks to hand out.

Thank you to the tech team who were there to help when they could (Sometimes, equipment just breaks).

Thank you to my fellow panelists for having such insight and humor and making every panel I was on fun and informative. I was on How to Adapt Your Book for Screen or Stage and Music in Writing. And I taught my Present Out Loud and Head in the Clouds workshops.

Thanks to all the other authors who shared their stories.

Thanks to all the participants in my workshops. We had a blast, and I hope you learned a ton!

Thanks to all of you, dear friends and new friends, who came by, talked stories, and bought books.

We’ll do it all again next time.

Sending you all, all of my love.


How about all of you who went? I hope the Con was kind or at least that you eked out some fun in between the flurry.

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