On Where To Scare Up the Muse – The Bus?

I’m lucky. When I have the energy to work, I can work almost anywhere. My various jobs allow me freedom of movement. And I am grateful. Here’s the problem. I’ve been finding there is one place I don’t work well. And that’s my home office. Too many distractions, chores, and cats who must sit on my lap abound when I try to work from home.

I get much less accomplished in the space I set up for working than I do in, say, a Starbuck’s or a Panera. Both of those places are rife with ideas, time, and space for inspiration. In fact, I am in the middle of writing, “Overheard: Wisdom Gained While Eavesdropping,” about the conversations I’ve listened to while working at a cafe or restaurant that has been considerate enough to provide Wifi.

I find it much easier to write or compose or program while in these busy places than in the quiet space at home. Perhaps, I need hustle and bustle in order for the muse to come calling. Perhaps, I just need to be away from the dishes or the cats or the laundry. I am not sure. I do know it is much simpler to pay the rent of a cup of coffee and sit at Starbuck’s for a few hours. I get a lot more done – simple as that.

Today will bring one of my favorite ways to “lock” myself away. I am taking the bus up to New York City for a day trip to see one of my best friends who is on the east coast from Seattle. I’ll be on the bus for about nine hours today. It’s a perfect opportunity to do a ton of writing. Sure, there will be distractions, but each one of those is fodder for my books. Every person I see becomes a possible character sketch for a scene. Some that I have seen have made it to major character status. One time, I was stopped at a red light with a huge man atop a bigger Harley. He was grizzled and wore a bandana and shades along with the rugged accoutrements of a motorcycle rider. He was blasting Celine Dion out of the speakers on his bike. A perfect supporting character, he is going to be in my Charlie Rothmore Mystery Series.

I’m excited to see what today’s bus ride will bring.

I’ll let you know.

Sending you all of my love.


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