A success equation

Success equationToday’s Show Up! Journal power words: I love the free-write portion of my journaling in the morning. The realizations sometimes come fast. And sometimes they knock me on the noggin and go, “Yeah, we’ve been trying to tell you this for the last 35 years.” 

The temptation to burn out rather than fade away can be strong. We can try to burn the candle at all ends, or heck, we can try to just explode the darn thing. But, we will pay the piper eventually.

 Through my 20s and 30s I worked myself until I dropped. That sort of hustle can be great. But, if you’re not fortifying, nourishing, and nurturing yourself when you’re not hustling, you will burn out. Or worse, you will develop health issues. 

I developed hypothyroidism. I blew out the little gland that’s responsible for my energy level. It’s amazing how many people in the world are wandering around exhausted, sleepless, with zero energy, and they are not diagnosed with any issues because they don’t think to look, to ask to find out.

The best way to minimize health issues, especially those that come from too much stress, is the success equation. We must sleep well, eat right, and exercise. Those are the building blocks any sort of meditation or contemplation practice would also be helpful. Journaling, meditation, any sort of interest introspective routine will also be helpful. But those three, the ones in the success equation? Those are paramount. 

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