Integrity and the self

IntegrityToday’s Show Up! Journal power word: integrity. 

This one was tough to write about in the journal this morning. We all live through days where we don’t live up to our fullest potential. We all live through times when we give slightly less than our best. And we make excuses or get defensive and even sometimes lash out.

Why do we do that? We do that because we know what we did, and we feel the pain of that guilt deep down inside. Even if we don’t acknowledge it out loud or even to ourselves, we feel it and we know it and it eats away at us. 

The key is to accept that we were capable of those words and actions and then to forgive ourselves and renew our determination to live with integrity. Then, we can adjust the course and focus on our honor, values, and principles. And that will make all the difference. 

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