Ingredients of success

Ingredients of successToday’s Show Up! Journal power words: these are it. After meditating and writing about the idea of success, these are what I came up with. 

First, we must breathe and breathe deeply. Accessing our breath allows us to build and extend our patience not to mention oxygenating our blood and maintaining all our systems. Remember, you can go to weeks without food, three days without water but only about three minutes without air. Remember to make those breaths deep and full.

And speaking of H2O, drink water. Staying hydrated allows your body to operate at peak efficiency. 

Eat fresh food. The less we indulge in the quick and tempting fast food industry, the better off we will be. And even that industry knows it. Each one of the fast food chains now offers a fresh, healthy option. They’ve seen the writing on the wall and they’re doing something about it.

Move. Exercise, every day. Do something. Stand up. Stretch, play a sport, dance to your favorite song, take up yoga or tai chi. Do something that moves your body. It will stir up the juices, make you sizzle and allow you to be balanced, strong, and flexible.

Imagine. Take time to let your mind wander. Envision possibilities. Meditate. That’s how the kernels of brilliant ideas form. 

Hustle. Do the work. Create. Don’t take no for an answer if you really want what you want. It sounds simplistic, and I know it’s not. The hustle, the grind, as they call it, is the way we get things done. It’s the way we achieve. 

Sleep. The older I get the more I realize sleep is paramount. Without it, our brains slow down, our minds languish, and our bodies become lethargic. It will also mess with all of your organs and all of your glands and your metabolism if you don’t get enough. Figure out your ideal amount of sleep and get it every, single night. Trust me. You’ll be glad you did. 

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