Don’t be scared

Don't be scared graphicToday’s Show Up! Journal power words: I think that often what we need when we are scared is a change of perspective. Sure, everyone gets scared. Even the people who say they’re never afraid are sometimes terrified. I don’t think the key is to never be afraid. I think the key is to know what to do when you are afraid. 

First step: breathe. Second step: move in any direction. Third step: look around. Something will have shifted. Something will have changed. 

Once you identify that change, pay attention to it, and then, step by step, you will pull yourself through the fear to the other side.

 And once you do that? You’re golden, because now, you can do something about it. You can act. You can get things done. And the fear? It’ll just have to take a backseat. 

I’m definitely going talk more about this process. It is an important one. 

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