It is all about connecting 

It's all about connecting graphicToday’s show up journal power words: it’s all about connecting. Here’s a little story.

All hail Veronica at Dun and Bradstreet. I had a thorny problem. She helped me and went above and beyond to make things great again. Whew!As we were hanging up, I said, “I’d like to ask you one more question. What is your name?”

“Veronica,” she hesitated for a second.

“Great, thank you, Veronica. Now do you have a manager I can talk to? I’d like to tell them how fabulous you’ve been.”

“Oh, wow. Thank you! Really? Oh, thank you. That is so nice of you.” She was delighted and surprised.

It turns out that they just have a survey form, but I will absolutely fill it out when I get the email. I believe in giving good feedback for people who are stellar at their jobs.

“I’m going to let them know how wonderful you were,” I said.

“Thank you so much! You really gave me an excellent start to my morning.”

And she made mine.

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