Nervous? How to tell and how to handle it. 

We all have times when we interact with people who are nervous or anxious. In professional situations, we might find it when we have to speak with employees, when we interview people, or when we ourselves are interviewing with a new manager.
Here are some hints that a person is nervous or anxious in this interaction.First, look at the person’s eyes. Are they blinking a lot? Are their eyes open just a shade too wide?

Second, note any quick or repetitive motion of the hands. Look at the fingers. Are they moving in a jittery manner? Do they look tense? Are the hands in a fist? Are the fingers drumming on a desk or table top?

Third, listen to the voice. Is it breathy? Is there a bit of a shake in the way the tone of their voice sounds as they speak? Are the words coming out in a rushed manner?

Here are a few ways to put others at ease. Slow your speech. Modulate your voice to be more calm. Don’t have too many great vocal pitch highs or great lows in what you say. Don’t be afraid to take a moment between every question and answer. Slow your breathing. Your slower breath will calm the energy in the room and improve your interaction. 

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