About Me

I have traveled the world as an educator and trainer for NASA, the National Geographic Society, and as reader, guide, and coach for my clients.

I have been facilitating confidence and communication workshops since 2001.

Early Life

Young Izolda with a crown of leaves
Izolda in Moldova

Born in Bendery, Moldova in the USSR, I and my family immigrated to the USA in 1974.

I survived a year-long immigration process from the Soviet Union, which included months spent in a war zone. The skills I developed then are universal, can be taught, and can help others thrive. My goal is to show you how to develop these skills for yourself.

When we arrived in the USA, after the multi-country immigration process, we settled in Michigan. As a child, I  started my first business making decorated paper, candy cane pencil toppers that I sold to my classmates. I graduated as valedictorian of my high school class and also graduated from the University of Michigan.

I then moved to Washington DC and worked as an educator at the National Geographic Society and NASA where I still occasionally consult.

I developed the Life Elements personal growth system and released the book, “Life Elements: Transform Your Life with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water,” in 2008.

After more than thirty years reading experience (having been taught to read by my great-grandmother) and after more than 12,000 individual readings, I released the Today’s Tarot interactive ebook. The first of its kind, the book allows the reader to choose a card every day. My interpretation and reading for that card appears and the reader receives a call to action for living a full and abundant day, every day.

In 2001, I released my “Learn to Sing” classes and workshops. Participants use singing to free their creative spirits and to build confidence and purpose.

I added the “Work In Harmony” team-building through singing corporate workshop to help teams and organizations coalesce into units. One of the greatest results from these workshops has been how often people who are otherwise in the background end up the stars of the show.

In an effort to help everyone share their life wisdom, I developed the “Present Out Loud” workshop. I train writers, speakers, graduating seniors, and anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills on the roots of connecting and communicating.

I also teach communication through the written word with Flash Your Fiction. This fast-paced workshop is as fun as it sounds.

I believe that with a few techniques, we can empower ourselves to connect and communicate our best selves.


I speak on how my past has shaped me into a survivor and “thriver,” and how we can enhance our interactions and connections with others through sending and receiving. I facilitate creativity and communication programs and workshops at corporate functions and other events. I infuse science, music, and laughter into every speech and presentation. (See the demos.) I am writing, Physical Talks: How What You Send and Receive Enhances Your Communication, Connections, and Interactions.

I live in Greenbelt, MD, USA with my husband, our dog, two cats, and a house full of books, musical instruments, and travel guides.