I am a speaker, author, workshop facilitator, and seminar leader. I am here to help you find your voice, boost your performance, and tell your stories better.

I have traveled the world as an educator and trainer for NASA, the National Geographic Society, and as reader, guide, and coach for my clients.

I have been facilitating confidence and communication workshops since 2001.

Teaching two seniors

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching seniors to find their voices. What an honor to help these folks, some of whom have been wanting to sing for over 70 years and have never had the confidence to do so. After only a few hours, they were not only singing, but they were singing with good technique, joy, and in harmony.

Early Life

Me as a wood sprite in Moldova when I was three years old.

Born in Bendery, Moldova in the USSR, I and my family immigrated to the USA in 1974.

I survived a year-long immigration process from the Soviet Union, which included months spent in a war zone. The skills I developed then are universal, can be taught, and can help others thrive. My goal is to show you how to develop these skills for yourself.

When we arrived in the USA, after the multi-country immigration process, we settled in Michigan. As a child, I  started my first business making decorated paper, candy cane pencil toppers that I sold to my classmates. I graduated as valedictorian of my high school class and also graduated from the University of Michigan.

I then moved to Washington DC and worked as an educator at the National Geographic Society and at NASA where I still occasionally consult.


I developed the Life Elements personal growth system and released the book, “Life Elements: Transform Your Life with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water,” in 2008.


In 2001, I released my “Learn to Sing” classes and workshops. Participants use singing to free their creative spirits and to build confidence and purpose.

I added the “Work In Harmony” team-building through singing corporate workshop to help teams and organizations coalesce and thrive. Soon, after I incorporated the “Tell Better Stories,” and “Tell Your Stories Better,” workshops and the self-development seminars.

My work at NASA provided me many opportunities to teach scientists and educators how to present their information to everyone from first-graders to international diplomats at home and abroad. And I adored helping scientists learn how to engage their audiences and communicate in an engaging and confident way.


I speak on how the year-long process of immigration across four countries shaped me into a true communicator and how we can enhance our interactions and connections with others through sending and receiving. I facilitate creativity and communication workshops and seminars at corporate functions and other events. (See the demos.) I am writing, Tell Your Stories Better! and The One-Minute Growth Spurt. I am also preparing the Show Up! Journal for wide release.

Screenshot 2017-07-26 13.30.46I live in Greenbelt, MD, USA with my husband, our dog, two cats, and a house full of books, musical instruments, and travel guides.

Please contact me with any questions.

I’ll see you down the road.

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