Earth Element Designation

Learn your Governing Element: Earth

Mountains in Puerto Rico - Earth Element ImageAs an Earth Element-governed, person, you are a stable, practical individual. A serious and matter-of-fact person, you believe that it is most important to live in a secure environment. You are most concerned with the material of life. You always attempt to resolve issues from a solid, step-by-step approach, and you are often generous and unselfish.

You approach life from a sensible perspective, and you have few if any pretensions. However, sometimes, you are so stable that it can be difficult to move you from your chosen perch. A sensible individual, you are certain of yourself and where you are in life. You tend to be a homebody, and you enjoy the quiet times of life. You can be too much of a homebody and you currently do not have too many adventures, but you appear to be generally OK with that.

Additional Earth Characteristics

Your physical body concerns you, and you may currently be undergoing a period of motivation to improve your health. It would not be surprising to find that you are currently practicing or thinking about starting yoga, Tai Chi or one of the other, internal/quiet disciplines. These will allow you to maintain health and vitality without the need for competition or rivalry. You find yourself the solid, centered confidant of those who tend to flit around you and often need your stable presence to help ground them.

You trust your senses and you need to have things shown or proven to you before you will believe them.

Trust is the most important aspect of your relationship and stability does not lag too far behind.

You evaluate and judge all of the things that come across your path from a pragmatic standpoint. At this point in time, you are not particularly a risk-taker and that seems to be just fine for you. At this point in time, you do not appear to be interested in struggling to achieve. You appear to be in a more settled place in your life.

You fix most things that need fixing, and you are handy. You enjoy working with your hands and you very much dwell in the material world of the senses.

Because you are centered, you nurture and encourage the success of others. People come to you when they need steady, practical advice and a calm sounding board.

Challenges for the Earth Designation

You can be too settled and sedentary. You watch too much television or play on the computer late into the night. You get into what might be called ruts and have a challenging time of breaking out of them. Your practical nature can run counter to some of the other things that you may want to do and end up “playing it safe” rather than reaching for what you really want.

Note: This is a truncated Earth Element Designation Description. For the complete description, please see chapter seven in the book.

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