Earth Lady

Hands-On Science, Math, and Technology In The Classroom

Learn about our most vital natural resources with award-winning educator Izolda Trakhtenberg.

Earth Lady workshops and presentations jump-start student interest in STEM through hands-on, interactive workshops and activities.

Izolda worked as a NASA educator for over twenty years. Her workshops and presentations have thrilled and excited students all over the world.

Earth Lady and students do field work.
The Earth Lady teaches cloud type identification field work.

The Earth Lady’s workshops and presentations satisfy Next Generation Science Standards in Earth’s systems, Physical and Life Sciences, Ecosystems, and more.

Bring the Earth Lady to your school, organization, or company.

students in front of class doing cloud cover activity
Students teach each other to estimate cloud cover with a hands-on activity.

What Others Are Saying: Middle School Teachers on the Earth Lady.


A Maryland teacher reacts to the Earth Lady’s “Let’s Talk Clouds” presentation.


See the Soil Lady Demo Video.
(Videography: Richard Feagin. Video Editing and Production: Fred Nelson)

Earth Lady, Izolda Trakhtenberg, has worked in the environmental education field for over twenty years. Drawing on her experience at the National Geographic Society and as a consultant with NASA, she has worked with countless schools nationally and abroad.

Izolda makes science come alive to all students. Her presentation is magical and engaging. She excites and inspires students to understand and want to learn more. -Elissa Levine, Ph.D., Soil Scientist, NASA

Izolda’s deep knowledge and vast skills exposed students to environmental science and STEM. These benefits were evident in the Science SLO pre to post assessments and students increased interest in the STEM fields. -Patrice Felton, Teacher, Gaywood Elementary School

I absolutely loved visiting your class on Thursday. I wish I had had time to go with your class to see the experiments/measurements. I was so impressed with your explanations and how engaged your middle-schoolers were – no small feat. The visit was a pleasure and I think you are an excellent instructor! -Rosemary Muir, Lifelong Learning Coordinator, Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

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