Element Designation Assessment

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For each statement that is generally true for you, please check the check box in the corresponding column to the right of the statement. Note: many of these statements will feel true sometimes. Please give thought to whether or not they are actually true for you before you check a box for a statement. Once you have completed this section, you will add your score vertically down the columns. The largest number of the four columns is your score and it will give you an element designation.

Once you have completed this section, you will need to determine which of the columns yielded the highest number. Add the check marks down each column (so count every check mark for Column A and total it. Then, add each check mark for Column B and do the same for the other columns.  Once you know which of those columns (A, B, C or D) gave you the greatest number of true statements, follow the appropriate link below to learn your element designator. Please read the element description and review whether or not the description appears to be true for you.

Also, you may have more than one column that yields a high number. If you have two sections that yield numbers between 18-25, then you can categorize yourself as a combination of two elements. Please feel free to read both of those sections. The book will address combinations in great detail (especially since my hypothesis states that ideally, we want to be a combination of all four elements) but for the purposes of this review, please just read both elements and ascertain their relevance to your personality.

After you have completed the Designation Assessment, please complete the Element Imbalance Assessment (EIA). The EIA appears in the book. The EIA deals with Element Imbalances.

When you have determined your Element Designation and any Element Imbalances, please see the book for the outlined path to cultivate your other Elemental strengths and characteristics. This path will guide you toward a well-rounded and balanced life.

Section 1
1 I am a romantic person.
2 I tend to spend a lot of time analyzing situations that have occurred.
3 I am goal-oriented .
4 Listening to music can easily change my mood
5 I believe that sex is most wonderful when the partners are in love.
6 I enjoy having my home be clean and tidy.
7 I keep in close contact with friends.
8 People have told me that I am a very good listener.
9 I am able to keep a calm head in a crisis.
10 I believe that intimacy is the most important part of sex.
11 I tend to be the first person to react to an unexpected occurrence.
12 I keep in close contact with my family.
13 I tend to be the person that all of my friends seek out when they are going through a rough time.
14 I work very hard to achieve my goals.
15 I tend to spend a lot of time replaying and analyzing conversations .
16 I have a lot of energy.
17 My ideal career would be in a field where I can help people, particularly as a counselor or therapist of some sort.
18 I believe that trust is the most important part of sex.
19 I have an easy and comfortable relationship with most of my friends.
20 I enjoy the challenge of jumping in to solve a problem whether or not I have thought it through fully.
21 I thrive on deadlines.
22 When presented with a problem, my first impulse is to look at every facet of the situation before I make any moves.
23 I am hardly ever jealous or envious.
24 I tend to take on many responsibilities.
25 I can sense how other people are feeling and I can tell what will help them feel better.
26 I enjoy situations that warrant a lot of good thinking.
27 When I put any kind of kit together, I simply begin the work because I believe that the procedure will become clear as I go along.
28 I am an over-achiever.
29 I believe that security is the most important of a relationship.
30 I consider myself to have a very passionate nature.
31 I enjoy thinking through to the solutions to problems.
32 I love to be surprised.
33 I like intellectual and intelligent conversations.
34 I believe that good communication is the most important part of any relationship.
35 Sometimes, it takes me a while to connect with people, but once I do make the connection, it can be a lifelong one.
36 I respect and follow my intuition.
37 I find that I can be genuinely pleased at other people’s successes.
38 People have told me that I am a very sensible person.
39 I believe that good communication is the most important part of sex.
40 Having a stable job/career is very important to me.
41 I am generally able to forgive people who have hurt my feelings.
42 My life revolves around those with whom I am close.
43 I am not very concerned with how other people see me.
44 I find that I am the support system to most people I know.
45 I am most comfortable with a written schedule or to-do list.
46 When I encounter an issue in my relationship, I immediately begin to think of ways to resolve it.
47 I am fond of trying new foods and enjoy many and varied cuisines.
48 I would describe myself as a softhearted person.
49 I enjoy working with my hands and doing crafts like knitting or woodworking.
50 People see me as a pretty spontaneous person.
51 I work best when I can pace myself. That way, I am assured of a good quality finished product.
52 I believe that passion is the most important part of sex.
53 I thrive on challenges both at work and at home.
54 Most people see me as a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble.
55 I often act as the calming force in my circle of friends.
56 When presented with a problem, my first impulse is to begin to act to solve it.
57 When I put any kind of kit together, I read the directions and then begin at the beginning.
58 I enjoy my material possessions.
59 I tend to complete projects on time.
60 I am at my happiest when I make someone else happy.
61 Generally, at parties, I tend to be the first one on the dance floor.
62 I am practical.
63 I enjoy my physical body and all its myriad capabilities.
64 I enjoy figuring out how things work.
65 When I put any kind of kit together, I envision how everything needs to fit and follow my instincts to complete the project.
66 I prefer to have solid plans in place for any situation and I can become uncomfortable if plans change suddenly.
67 I am a kind person.
68 I communicate well and honestly with friends and family.
69 Sometimes, a cup of hot tea and a good book make for a wonderful Saturday night.
70 I trust my reason rather than my feelings.
71 I meditate.
72 I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people.
73 When presented with a problem, my first impulse is to think through a plan of action.
74 I enjoy the excitement of being spontaneous.
75 I enjoy working with others in the spirit of cooperation.
76 I feel that I have honest and stable relationships with people.
77 I tend to make quick emotional connections with people.
78 I tend to have a lot of ideas for new things to do and to try.
79 I want to plan out activities.
80 Most people see me as a shoulder to cry on in times of trouble.
81 A consistent routine allows me to get the most out of life.
82 I find it easy to express my feelings.
83 I enjoy intellectually challenging, in-depth conversations.
84 I love competition.
85 When presented with a problem, my first impulse is to think through all possible solutions.
86 I get bored quite easily.
87 I am a very sympathetic person.
88 I prefer serious discussions to loud, boisterous, on-the-surface conversations.
89 People have told me that talking to me about a problem often helps them feel better.
90 I view geting lost as an opportunity to explore.
91 I enjoy rapid-fire banter and quick, witty conversation.
92 I trust my feelings rather than my reason.
93 I am a self-starter and am self-motivated, especially about projects I find interesting.
94 I like making sure that everything has a place and that things are neatly stored away.
95 I jump right into new projects.
96 I generally feel comfortable in new environments.
97 I find new and unusual situations exciting, and I am adventurous.
98 I want my life to be filled with intellectual challenges.
99 I tend to be affected strongly by other people’s troubles.
100 I am most comfortable with accomplishing tasks on my own time.
Please note the column of with the largest number. Click the letter below it to learn your Element Desgination and read your Element Description.





If there are two numbers that are quite high (between 18-25), then you may be a combination of elements. Please read the descriptions for any column results that are greater than 18.

After you have determined your Element Designation and any Element Imbalances, you can follow the path detailed in “Life Elements” to cultivate your other Elemental strengths.

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