Fire Element Designation

Learn Your Governing Element

favoriteflameYou are a passionate and fiery individual. You tend to be dynamic and always on the go. You are outgoing and charismatic and people in your life see you as very enthusiastic. You have an active life and you seldom sit still for too long. You may love to play sports and you have a vitality to you that is readily apparent.

You are positive and optimistic. You are constantly being inspired with new ideas and always have many plans of action in motion at any one time. You believe that anything is possible and will work to ensure that your dreams come true. You are also optimistic and supportive of the dreams of those around you. One of your favorite pastimes may be to brainstorms on new adventures or ideas to make life even more fun. You want your life to be an adventure and are willing to do what is necessary to have it be so. You have a bright outlook are not easily discouraged.

You tend to stay busy constantly and you are never satisfied with the status quo. As soon as you have accomplished one goal, you are off to begin the next big adventure.

Passion and excitement tend to be of utmost importance to you in a relationship and you can be hard pressed to maintain relationships that do not keep both of those alive.

You are innovative and you can develop ideas into projects and projects into success.

Some may describe you as a dominant or dynamic personality. You are a natural leader and you inspire others with your own brand of charm and enthusiasm.

You confront challenges head on.

Challenges for the Fire Designation

There are times when you find yourself stretched too thin and too scattered. You move so quickly from one interest to the next that you may not be able to spend solid time on any of them. And then you may begin to feel that nothing is getting the attention it deserves. The challenge here is that you may also feel like you cannot stop the merry-go-round to give things the attention they need. You may also find that your dynamic and charismatic nature can get in the way of what you really want to accomplish.

*This is a truncated Fire Element Designation Description. For the complete description, please see chapter seven in the book.

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