Flash Your Fiction

Storytelling is a Team-building Sport

The Premise

Quick! What story can you tell about a musician who finds a coin in a forest? These prompt dice will help you free your mind and be ready to create!

By the end of this workshop, your team will communicate better and coalesce into a creative powerhouse.

Participants free their imaginations, spark their creativity, and express ideas.

  • Specially-designed team writing activities will enhance their focus and connection.
  • Your most reticent team members will get a chance to shine.

The Audience: Who Will Benefit Most?

  • Corporate Conferences and Retreats
  • Group/Association Annual Meetings
  • Writers’ groups and conferences
  • You!

The Plot

We communicate through story every day. How do we make our stories more exciting and effective? We learn to tell compelling tales.

What comes first, dialog, characters, plot, or setting? Any of these can inspire us to create or present stumbling blocks to putting words on a page. What would happen if we removed the need for determining who, what, and where? What if someone handed them to us? Would our communication process change? How would we find creative ways to integrate potentially unrelated items into a cohesive tale? And how could we do this as a team?

We must free our imaginations. To access this part of ourselves, we will use prompts to spark our creativity and blast through obstacles.

In this interactive Flash Fiction workshop, participants use prompts to get their creative juices flowing as they sharpen their writing skills. They choose and incorporate objects, locations, and characters as they write micro-stories both individually and as a team. After an initial brainstorming session on each of the following skill sets, they write three short pieces. The first piece focuses on writing compelling dialogue. The second focuses on characterization, and the third focuses on plot development and resolution.

Participants build camaraderie as they present their stories in a supportive environment and share the process they used for developing them. And as they share, the team members learn from and support one another.

Throughout this exciting and engaging process, Izolda facilitates the expression of creativity, the exchange of ideas, and guides everyone to produce their best work.

The Reviews Are In

Write It Up! was an invaluable classroom experience that has provided me with tools to get me over my writing slumps. Izolda freely shares her knowledge in layman terms so you actually get it. I recall sitting in the workshop and the lightbulb went off in my mind. I made the connection and understood what I could do differently; which took the confidence I have in my ability to write fiction to another level. This workshop is very interactive and isn’t just for the novice writer.  -Michelle Dickens, workshop participant

Izolda’s fast-paced workshop was entertaining, engaging, and inspiring. Our group loved that she led with a science experiment that not only got our brains engaged but got our blood pumping a bit, too. It was a helpful reminder that physical and mental activities together can form a powerful feedback loop. –Jennifer Bort Yacovissi, Author, Up the Hill to Home; President, Maryland Writers Association Annapolis Chapter

I left Izolda Trakhtenberg’s workshop feeling inspired and excited. Izolda is a talented presenter. Her style is warm, open, and engaging. The exercises encouraged attendees to dive in. This dynamic teacher makes learning joyful with enchanting lessons that stay with you long after the session ends. –Carolee Noury, Maryland Writers’ Association Board Member

“I enjoyed getting past the thinking (overthinking, in my case) and into straight creative writing. This workshop was so helpful. Great lesson.” -Giselle Richards Calame, Publicity Chair, Montgomery County Chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association

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