Make Your Figurine

Earth Mission

Below are some instructions on how to create your own Sculpey figurine.

***Please note: sculpey is not food safe. Please do not make drinking or eating vessels of any kind out of sculpey.***

First, get sculpey in the colors that you’d like to use. For this example, I’ll be using yellows and reds.rawsculpey

Next break off some of the yellow and some of the red and work them in your fingers.

Then make a rough cylinder of the yellow and a long “worm” of a small part of the red and swirl them together.striped

Work the colors so that they become marbled.swirled

Next, roll the entire mass into a ball.balled

Separate the ball into a few pieces.


Roll one of the bigger pieces into a cylindrical shape.torso

This will be the torso. And roll the other pieces into three spheres and two narrow cylinders.


The bigger cylinder other than the torso will be the legs. Cut the piece in half.


Shape the separate pieces into legs by flattening one end, making a small bulge in the middle for the knee and flattening the other end for attachment to the torso. This is how they might look.leg

Next, cut the smaller cylinder in half to make the arms.armcut


Shape the arms by flattening one end to form the hands and flattening the other end for attachment to the torso.


With a toothpick make marks in the torso for adding the breasts. And, attach the breasts.badded

With a toothpick make marks in the bottom of the torso to prepare it for attaching the legs and attach a leg to each side of the torso. Attach the legs.legadded

The torso and legs should look something like this.


Next, attach the arms to the torso using the same marking method.


Last, attach the head.

Find or buy a glass baking dish that you will only use for sculpey. Pre-heat the oven for 300 degrees F and bake for twenty minutes.

Remove from the oven promptly and allow the sculpey figurine to cool before you touch it.

Once it has cooled, it will for you to enjoy. Please remember, though, not to make items from sculpey that might look they are made to contain food. Sculpey is not food safe and should be used appropriately.

Here is what the figurine looks when it is completed.

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