Meditate and Transform Your Life.

Welcome to the Life Elements meditations page. This page is no longer password protected to make it accessible to everyone.

Below are the mp3 files of the meditations from the book, “Life Elements: Transform Your Life With Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.”

Since it is often challenging to get the full benefit from written meditations alone, I have made the meditations in the book available to those who are going through the Integration Process. To that end, I have recorded each of the meditations in the book. The links to the meditations are below. These sound files correspond directly to the written meditations in the Life Elements. Simply get comfortable, click on the meditation journey you wish to take and transform yourself. You may wish to return multiple times to a meditation that feels particularly helpful or challenging. Please feel free to do so as increased interaction with the Elements will only prove helpful in this process.

Meditations (General):

Credit Yourself With How Far You Have Come, page 17

Inner Voice (Meditation to your Power Place), page 32

Guided Meditations to Honor the Elements

Earth – Into the Soil, page 150

Air – Into the Clouds, page 155

Fire – Into the Flames, page 159

Water – Into the Ocean, page 164

Meditations to Cultivate the Elements

Air Meditation – Get In Touch With Your Deepest Breath, page 173

Earth Meditation – Grounding, page 185

Fire Meditation – Candle Gazing, page 199

Water meditation – Cup of Wonder, page 211


Meditation To Honor Your Completion Of The Integration Process, page 236

Supplemental Meditations

Meditation To Balance The Energy Centers of Your Body

Shielding Meditation

graphic with body and energy centers
Graphic representation of Elemental relationship to the energy centers of the body.