Complete the Missions and Cultivate New Strengths.

Each Mission in the book is designed to be a process that will help cultivate Elemental energy in your life. Most of the Missions are self-contained and some have supplemental materials that will help yield the most benefit from the Missions. This supplemental material, categorized by Element, is below.

The order in which to complete the Missions.

Earth Missions

Make Your Own Sculpey Figurine from the mission on page 194.

Meditate on this image to cultivate some immediate Earth Element energy.

flowers in orange, yellow, and pink
Spring flowers

Air Missions

Story example from the Air Mission: Write a Story on page 178.

  • Washington Square on the 29th: This story follows the guidelines of the Write a Story Mission and will help you see how you might integrate all four items into the stories you write.
  • NEW: Workshop participants’ stories for this mission are available here.

Meditate on this image to cultivate some immediate Air Element energy.

sky and waning crescent moon in New Mexico
The moon over near Acoma Pueblo

Fire Missions

Music for the Fire Mission: Dance on page 204. These mp3 files will give you a musical starting place as you complete the Dance Mission. Feel free to use them to start your motions for dance.

A video for the Finger Weaving Mission “Act of Creation” on page 201.

Watch a short video on how to finger knit the yarn.

Images of the finished chain.

  • This mission uniquely lends itself to cultivating all four Elements depending on which words you use when you “cast off” the bottom row of yarn.
    • For Earth, say: Stability, Balance, Centering, Foundation
    • For Air, say: Truth, Thought, Reason, Clarity
    • For Fire, say: Passion, Action, Motion, Power
    • For Water, say: Emotion, Intuition, Compassion, Fluidity

Meditate on this Fire image to cultivate some immediate Fire Element energy.


Cultivate Fire energy with this video that honors the sacred flame.

Water Missions

Make Music from page 217. Click each individual music file below to complete this Mission but first, walk in place for two minutes to prepare your body to stretch and sing. (audio files coming soon)

Prepare Neck, Torso, and Lungs

Deep Breathing

Tones on a Vowel

Tones With Consonants

Tongue Twisters: Minimal Animal

Sing and Rejoice (song)

Rose (song)


Making Music With an Instrument.

Meditate on this image to cultivate some immediate Water Element energy.

Ocean and sunset

Completion of the Integration Process Missions

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