Prepare to Tell a Great Story

Do you want to be a peak performer? Do you want to build the confidence to present effectively? Use these techniques to thrive.

An Olympic athlete would never compete without first warming up. Neither should anyone who wants perform, speak, or present like one.

Warm Up Your Body, Mind, and Speaking Apparatus

Here is the brand new video that will take you through the presentation warm-up process.

Meditations To Reduce Nervousness and Build Confidence

Listen to these easy guided meditations to boost your performance.

Find Your Calm: Use this super easy and quick one-minute breathing meditation to enghance peace and calm. First responders and Navy Seals use this same sort of technique to maintain calm in stressful situations. 

Credit Yourself With How Far You Have Come

Meditation to your Power Place

Confidence-building firewalker meditation

Grounding and centering to enhance calm

Successful Speaking Aids

Use these tongue twisters to quickly warm up your speaking apparatus to lower nervousness and enhance your ability to present, speak, and communicate clearly and effectively.

Minimal Animal

Red Leather Yellow Leather

Unique New York

Kinky Cookie

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper

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