Self: The Seminar

Discover The Story of Your Inner Landscape

Before we can plan, act, or achieve anything, we must first know our internal story. We must learn what makes us tick, what stresses us out, what makes us feel better, and what makes us happy and peaceful. And we need to embrace something super challenging that we seldom acknowledge.

We need reach deep down inside and embrace ourselves and our right to exist, to be happy, and to thrive. Many of us go through our lives without that key realization – that we deserve to be here, now. We are entitled to exist and to be happy. Did reading that feel strange or uncomfortable? Did the discomfort somehow familiar? If it did, you are not alone. Many of us feel that way and it is something we never talk about.

This one-day seminar gives you practical tools to make friends with yourself, get to know yourself, and best of all, to accept yourself. Once you do that, you are unstoppable.

The four arms of Self: the Seminar come with an abundance of hands-on interactive, and effective activities that will acquaint you with you. You will receive the tools and instructions on how to continue that deep work long after the seminar ends. You will also learn how to manage your stress in the moment through simple techniques as you embark on this life-long journey with yourself as the destination.

Self-Awareness – First, become aware that you exist and more importantly that you have the right to exist through several deep, guided meditations and exercises.

Self-Perception – Learn how to tell how you feel, while you are feeling it, so you can react in a healthy and positive manner through activities on interpreting your own emotions and those of others.

Self-Knowledge – Learn what you know and accept what you don’t know. Determine what you want. Figure out how you plan (if you plan) and how you can use your strengths and challenges to create a base of knowledge from which you will soar.

Self-Acceptance – I will be honest. You might not get to self-acceptance after a single seminar. This is a life-long process for many of us. So, you might not become a Dalai Lama after a few hours, but you will take the first few steps to finally accepting yourself, to relieving some of the stress in your life, and building some habits that will get you closer every day.

This is an arduous road. It is full of obstacles and also full of victories where you get closer to finally and fully accepting yourself, and it is a worthy path to walk. I have to come believe that the road to self-acceptance is like American Ninja Warrior for the soul. It is full of obstacles and intermittent victories as you finish certain sections. But once you reach the final obstacle, the most arduous one, and you hit that big, red button , you will be unstoppable.

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Enjoy some of the Self: The Seminar activities.

Seminar Specifications

  • Length: 2-4 hours (day-long retreats are also available).
  • Location: At your place of business
  • Technical Requirements: Tables and chairs for the participants, projector, screen, cables, pencils and scratch paper. A detailed rider will be made available to you.

Get in touch to book a seminar or for more information.

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