Show Up!

Identify your goals and then achieve them.

This seminar empowers the people in your organization to define and tell their story. Based on the Show Up! Journal system, this seminar details how to work it and succeed with it. Download the daily template of the Show Up! Journal right now to start showing up today. Each participant will receive their own initial Show Up! Journal at the seminar.

Your group will name their long- and short-term goals and then break them into manageable projects and tasks to achieve them in a day-to-day context. Your employees will empower themselves to increase their awareness of their goals, make better-informed decisions, and improve their cognitive executive function to be more productive and inspired.

Seminar Specifications

  • Length: 2-4 hours (a customized day-long retreat will help your team do the deep work to identify their goals and begin the planning and actions of achieving them).
  • Location: At your place of business
  • Technical Requirements: Tables and chairs for the participants, projector, screen, cables, pencils and scratch paper. A detailed rider will be made available to you.

Get in touch to book a seminar or for more information.

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