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Recent Testimonials

Jennifer Bort Yacovissi, Author, Up the Hill to Home; President, Maryland Writers Association Annapolis Chapter Izolda’s fast-paced workshop was entertaining, engaging, and inspiring. Our group loved that she led with a science experiment that not only got our brains engaged but got our blood pumping a bit, too.
Carolee Noury, Maryland Writers’ Association Board Member I left Izolda Trakhtenberg’s workshop feeling inspired and excited. Izolda is a talented presenter. Her style is warm, open, and engaging. The exercises encouraged attendees to dive in. This dynamic teacher makes learning joyful with enchanting lessons that stay with you long after the session ends.
Giselle Richards Calame, Publicity Chair, Montgomery County Chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association “I enjoyed getting past the thinking (overthinking, in my case) and into straight creative writing. This workshop was so helpful. Great lesson.”
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