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Join me for this weekly live video show. Each week I will address a topic that you help choose. Head over to this week’s survey and vote on which topic you want me to talk about on Wednesday at 9pm (EDT).

You can win a copy of my book, “Life Elements,” if you vote and leave your email address.

After the main topic, I will answer your questions and give you solutions and next steps for success in your personal and professional lives.

The next show will air on Facebook Live Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 9:00 pm EDT at my Facebook Speaker page. Consider “Liking” the page to stay in the know on episodes and other goodies.

Want to ask a question? It’s super simple.

Send in your question via the form below before the show.


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The show runs live on Facebook Live off this page. Or, you can subscribe to the youtube channel and see the show after it airs.

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