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Engage the most underutilized resource at your company.

If you want to energize your company’s best resource, I’m here to help.

I’m Izolda Trakhtenberg. I’ve developed a suite of programs that can help your group become an inspired, cohesive team that succeeds.

As an immigrant and war-zone survivor, I developed effective communication and creative problem-solving skills. While a NASA Master Trainer, I taught key team-building, outreach, and communication concepts at workshops all over the world.

These experiences taught me the secrets to innovation, collaboration, and human interaction. Now, I help companies and organizations use these concepts to innovate and succeed.

See how you can use creativity, innovation, and communication skills to grow your company. Choose how you want to connect.



What People Are Saying

Izolda is one of the most amazing, transformative educators I have encountered in my career. She immediately fosters safe space, offers stimulating exercises and meaningful questions, and dives easily into even the deepest material that can literally transform lives. -Brecken Chinn, Ph.D. Director of Communications, Generations Communications Centers

I highly recommend Izolda to companies who are interested in planning team building exercises for their staff or providing training on effective communication techniques to their employees. -Laura G. Duncan, Of Counsel, Fait & Di Lima, LLP, Adjunct Professor Hood College Graduate Business School

By the end, our participants understood their roles as future leaders and the needs of the people that follow them. It was a fantastic experience. -Sierra Curry, Program Coordinator for CreativeWorks at Joe’s Movement Emporium