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Do you want a leadership and team-building workshop that will bring immediate results and lasting change? Do you need to improve your staff’s enthusiasm, problem-solving skills, and productivity with a fun and exciting event that has scientific support? Check out these workshops.
Teaching singing

Powerful, customized workshops

The science supports the impact of these workshops. A study published in the “Frontiers in Psychology” said that when people sing together their heartbeats synchronize, and the best way to focus your team on a goal is to reach for it with one voice and one heart.
These interactive team-building workshops (see video clips) on physical and mental leadership techniques and problem-solving methods will inspire your team.
  • Fully customizable one, two, or four-hour workshops fit your schedule
  • Six full exercise sets per workshop (two-hour)
  • Over 25 powerful techniques that you will apply immediately
  • Over 100 audio practice files, yours to keep so you can continue to improve
  • Proven physical, emotional, psychological presentation and performance techniques

Numerous scientific studies have concluded (See the Science):

  1. Singing promotes physical and psychological well-being.
  2. “Singing together fosters social closeness – even in large contexts where individuals are not known to each other – is consistent with evolutionary accounts that emphasize the role of music in social bonding, particularly in the context of creating larger cohesive groups …” NIH Study
  3. Singing promotes feelings of inclusion, connectivity, positive affect. Group music performance causes elevated pain thresholds and social bonding in small and large groups of singers. NIH Study
  4. Reframing anxiety as excitement can decrease fear of public speaking or public performance. NIH Study

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