Raise Your Voice

Discover How To Tell Your Story To Captivate Your Audiences.

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If you want to communicate to excite and inspire people, you’re in the right place! I’ll help you pinpoint your genius story. You’ll learn how to tell it. Then, you’ll engage and ignite the people in your personal and professional life. If you want to build skills and raise your voice, you can!

Form Deep Connections – With My Customized Workshops!

Do you want to unearth your authentic story? Learn the techniques in one of my customized workshops.

Master the physical and emotional skills to connect with people and motivate them.

Become your best at connecting with audiences. Tell compelling and meaningful stories with confidence, presence, and heart.

You can raise your voice so others will hear you. You can raise your voices in song, as a team. And, you can raise your voice to reach other people to change your lives and your world.

Resonate with your colleagues. Work towards your goals harmoniously. Discover your innate creativity so you can innovate and then get your message out.

I’m Izolda Trakhtenberg. My goal is to help you and your organization master these techniques.

Communication is the key!

International Speaker

My first language is Russian. I learned other languages as my family immigrated to the USA through a year-long process. During that time, I engaged and communicated with many people all over the world. Additionally, that exposure to many cultures and languages inform my communication style. Last, I conquered my own public-speaking phobia to travel the world as a NASA trainer and educator.

These experiences inspired me to develop the “Conquer Your Public-Speaking Fears” process. Speak From Within, the book that details the process came out on September 1, 2018.

Now, I help others find their voices and their ingenuity. Together, we break through barriers to creativity and innovation. And participants learn powerful communication methods that help them thrive. The feedback shows that my workshops transform lives.

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