Have faith. 

Today’s Show Up! Journal power words from my morning free-write.  Today it’s about having faith. What you decide will happen often does if you are willing to be dogged in its pursuit. It’s when you waffle, hesitate, or second-guess yourself that you get in trouble.  Have faith but don’t be foolhardy. Your goal must have … More Have faith. 

Transforming fear and bitterness – it is possible

Today’s Show Up! Journal power words: I believe that every emotion we experience is, at its heart, a form of energy (think electrical impulses in the brain). That energy can be used to fuel emotions (like fear, like jealousy, like bitterness), or it can be transformed. Energy in its pure state is just energy. It … More Transforming fear and bitterness – it is possible

Artists create. Professional artists finish. 

Today’s Show Up! Journal free-write power words.  I don’t buy that whole, “It’s the journey not the destination,” thing. I can relax and enjoy the ride a whole lot better if I’m not driving around in circles.  Granted, I might see things from a different perspective each time on the circle, and I might learn … More Artists create. Professional artists finish.