Success Brainer Trainer – Words To Live By

I trust myself
I set and achieve goals
I am well rewarded for my efforts
I feel glad to enjoy success
Success comes to my easily
I love my life
I feel abundant and joyful
I trust the path before to unfold easily
I remain fluid and flexible on the path to my success
I encourage exploration of new ideas and behaviors
I explore possibilities
I am open to possibilities
I remain relaxed and in the flow of the world around me
I receive all the help, wisdom, and guidance that I need and want.
my creativity flows to my and through me
my ideas bring about success
Conflicts resolve smoothly and easily
I feel sufficiently bountiful to help others succeed
I remain softly rooted in the present
I have enough. I do enough. I am enough.
I have time to play, relax, and enjoy my life.
I accept new challenges with a smile.
I choose my path.
I smile. I laugh. I remain open to possibilities.
I trust myself. I trust the processes at work in my life.
I move through the world easily and fluidly.
I am happy.

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