Sending and Receiving – How We Move Through The World

Are you a sender or a receiver? How can you tell? Do you find yourself getting “feelings” or hunches about situations and people? If you do, you might be a natural receiver? If you get those vibes, those belly clenching moments, listen to them. They are trying to give you information. Armed with that knowledge, you can navigate the most treacherous waters.

On the other hand, if you tend more to moving towards your goals without those same hunches, you might be a sender. You might know what you want. You might go for it. You will likely get it because you send your intentions out. When you operate from that forward-thinking place, you tend to get what you want, but you might sometimes step on the toes you didn’t notice were there.

In my opinion, the best manner to proceed is to have a balance of the two working in your life. I am busy developing the system that will allow us all to build the skills we need, especially those that don’t come naturally to us.

My next book, “The Physical Talks,” is going to address senders, receivers, and how we can build the skills that will help us thrive. Here is a quick clip from a presentation that introduces the Energetic Body, the vessel with which we send and receive the energy, intention, and information all around us.

This is going to be fun!

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