3 Tips for Shy People Who Want To Shine in Groups

When last we met, we talked about eye contact and I said I would address what shy or reserved people can do to facilitate interactions with others.
In groups, people who are more reserved sometimes have issues. And if you have anxiety about groups, it can be even more challenging.

Here are my top three tips:

  1. Remind yourself that you belong. You might even repeat these phrases a few times to get into that groove. “I belong here. I am entitled to have great interactions with people. I deserve to succeed.”
  2. Know your role. If you feel anxious in a big group, find something you can do to help the organizers. Once you have a mission, it will ease some of that nervous energy.
  3. When you need it, take a break. Go outside. Find a quiet spot. Recharge.

At our wedding, my husband and I, along with a few friends, set up an actual labyrinth for people to walk if they needed a little down time. A number of people told me how helpful they found it.

Conferences and other events are starting to realize the value of a Recharge room and are providing them. See if there is one and go find it, recharge, and then get back out there and shine!

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