Start. Right now. 

Never too old to startToday’s Show Up! Journal power words: I spent my free-write thinking about whether or not I’m too old to begin a new chapter, new phase of my life. I spent the last few decades working on projects I loved. But, they were all too diffuse.

 Over the last year, I’ve changed my focus. Actually, it’s more like I developed one. I chose a focus. I am working to help people communicate, find their connection to others, and tell their stories better. It’s incredibly rewarding work. But, this morning, doubt snuck up on me. “You’re too old to begin this.” “If you were in your 20s still, this would be doable.” And that old chestnut, “it will never work.” Before, I would’ve pushed them down and away. I would’ve averted my gaze and busied myself with something to avoid thinking these thoughts.

This morning? I sat with them. I let myself get steeped in the discomfort of those doubts. And then I addressed each one, Deliberately, with a clear head and a cool heart.

And ultimately, what I understood, is that I will always have a lot to learn. And as I learn and as I master some of these skills, I will keep passing on what I glean. But the biggest lesson? I am not too old to start. Not one of us is too old to start. Every day we open our eyes is a new opportunity to begin. So what are we waiting for? #ShowUp #ShowUpJournal #PowerWords #showupJournalPowerWords #Goals #NeverTooOld#AgeIsANumber #Energy #Writing #SelfDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #PersonalGrowth #SelfImprovement #Communication #LifeIsNow #TellBetterStores #TellStoriesBetter

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