Meditate to reach your goals 

SculptureMorning meditation. I spent some time this morning meditating on the goals depicted in this sculpture I created.

I love symbols and totems. I use them as concrete touchstones of my goals, And I visualize those successes as I meditate on the piece. This artwork represents my goals of writing, music, and teaching. I teach other people how to find their voices both in writing and in song. And I write about how to do that. Meditation helps me articulate those goals and make those plans.

Some people meditate by sitting still and letting thoughts come and go and being in a state of Tabula Rossa. I have always preferred a focal point to my meditation. For me, the best way to achieve that state is to have that focus. The focus can be art like this or it can be movement or music. I have never been effective at meditating in stillness. So, I create my own path. And, I think we all can.

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