Do Work You Love

We deserve to do work we love graphicToday’s Show Up! Journal power words. I’m on a weekend getaway right now, but I got up extra early to write in the journal and get a bunch of work done.

I love that I love what I what I do. I love that my work feels like playtime. We all deserve that. We are all entitled to work that sustains in body, mind, and spirit. 

I want to encourage everyone to find work they love (or at least figure out what that work needs to be), or find what they love about the work they do.

Life is too short to be “living for the weekend.” It is my fervent hope that we all find delight in our careers because to me that is the true meaning of success.

As to the how? First, write down your goals. Make them real and concrete. (Grab the free Show Up! Journal template from my website.) And then you can forge your dream work.

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