Personal and professional honor and integrity 

Honor and integrity graphicWow, today’s Show Up! Journal power words are assertive. They showed up while I was doing my morning free write. And they make me wonder. What do we do if we can’t make peace in a confrontation? Do we come out swinging? Or, is it better just step away at all times? In certain situations, we have to step up. If there’s no choice, we must. However, we must step up with honor and integrity. 

If we are wrong, it is incumbent on us to apologize. If we are right, then we still want to come out smelling like a rose.

 If I am wrong and I apologize, and make amends, my conscience is clear and my spirit is free. That, to me, is going out smelling like a rose. You don’t have to, “win,” to feel good about the interaction. You just have to know you approached it with that honor and integrity. If I don’t, apologize or try to make amends, I always have and carry that stain with me. It might not be big, but I know it’s there. And it taints everything else. This applies in our personal lives and in our professional ones.

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