Want to start a business?   Do the legwork.  

Sit at the cross  section graphic  

The Entrepreneur’s dilemma. Do you do what you love? Or do you choose a business that will make you money? I think it works best when you sit in the cross-section of what you love and what other people want. Otherwise, you’re either tilting at windmills or spinning your wheels. So find that balance and ride it to success. 

Try this: Make a list of all the things you love to do. What do you love to spend your time on? What do you spend a lot of time thinking about? 

Next, figure out whether or not these are business ideas that people would pay for. If they aren’t, set them aside. Focus on the ones that might be. 

Then, do the research at the Chamber of Commerce. See what other such businesses already exist. Next, look at the small business administration and see what businesses do what you want to do. 

And then hit Google. Search on the actionable items from your list. And look at the right side of the results page. Those companies are paying for ads to promote themselves. They are likely some of the more successful ones, because they already have the money to pay for ads. Study those companies. Get to know them. Let them trailblazer for you. 

Start there and see where your plan takes you.

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