An easy tip to find your voice 

Like many of us, you probably don’t like hearing the sound of your own voice on messages or recordings. Please remember that unless you are using a $5000 microphone and great headphones, you are not getting a realistic representation of what you sound like. So, don’t judge yourself harshly. 

However, there’s a really simple trick to finding your voice, relaxing your voice, and coming through authentically, clearly and resonantly. Here it is: while you are talking put your palms on your throat. Feel for the muscles and the tendons. Do they feel tight or hard? Likely, they do at least a little.

While you keep your palms on your throat, see if you can relax the muscles and the tendons. Slow your breathing to a three-count for each inhale and exhale. And consciously relax those neck and throat muscles. Then, your speaking voice will have more fullness, timbre, and presence.

I’ll be talking more about this soon and I will be releasing a video to help access that relaxation. 

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