Find Your Sacred Voice

Build a performer’s confidence to present in public. Discover the sacred joy of singing.

participants singingThis workshop will get you singing!

The voice, being our first instrument, has the greatest physical, emotional and spiritual connection to our body. Throughout the ages, people have used song both to express themselves and to connect with the sacred. And yet, usually, we sing without first establishing the crucial connection between the breath, body, and voice. Or perhaps we are afraid to sing because we fear that we cannot sing.

Participants connect the body to the breath, the breath to the voice, the voice to the song and the song to the spirit.

  • “Excellent course and teacher.”
  • “Thanks – Have a lot of new things to use when singing!”
  • “Excellent and a lot of fun.”
Student Comment: Howard Community College

In this workshop, learn:

  • Physical warm-up exercises and their importance
  • Vocal warm-up exercises designed to:
    • Open the singing passages
    • Unblock resonators
    • Free the voice
  • Increase confidence in singing
  • Good mechanics to prevent strain
  • Techniques to strengthen vocal power
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Pitch matching
  • Vocal communication
  • Caring for your voice
  • Proper practice techniques
  • Put techniques into practice by learning and singing a chant.