Own Your Talk!

Communicate authentically!

Tell compelling stories in meetings, interviews, and presentations.

Powerful. Become authentic communicators with the techniques I will teach you. You will own your talk as you engage audiences in authentic two-way communication.

Interactive. Learn effective skills to engage and excite your audiences.

Transformative. Transfer these skills to break through and own the rest of your life.

Are you afraid of public speaking? Scared you will bore your audience? Terrified that when you open your mouth only a squeak will come out? You can vanquish these fears and become an inspiring storyteller.

Learn Effective Techniques and Apply them to Your Life Right Now! Take a look.

Own Your Talk!” is a three-hour workshop on the physical, mental, and emotional techniques for effective communication. I work with you and customize the presentation to your needs.

Every presentation is a two-way street. It is about how we communicate and connect with our audience.

“People buy with their hearts, not their heads, and the way to every consumer’s heart is through a good story.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO Vayner Media, Author

Build confidence and learn to captivate your audience as you communicate.

Public speaking is an art and a science. Participants learn both avenues to help them speak with comfort and conviction as they communicate. See what you will learn.

Teaching a focusing technique so participants learn to communicate
Teaching a focusing technique

Own Your Talk! Workshop Benefits: See the many benefits of bringing this effective workshop to your organization.

Participants will find their best voices for communicating with their audiences. Additionally, this skill set benefits students and others for interviews, conferences, meetings, and other events.

In This Workshop You Will:

  • Develop your true voice
  • Present information that engages and excites your audience
  • Connect with your audience using modulation and vocal techniques
  • Apply proper breathing, projection, inflection, and emotion as you communicate
  • Develop the confidence crucial to an authentic presentation

Customized workshops fit your needs:

  • Four-hour Workshop
  • One-day Seminar
  • Three-day Seminar Intensive
  • Technical Requirements: Tables and chairs for the participants, projector, screen, cables, pencils and scratch paper. A detailed rider will be made available to you.

Workshop Specs:

  • Length: Four hours (customized day-long and multi-day seminars are available)
  • Location: At your place of business
  • Technical Requirements: Tables and chairs for the participants, projector, screen, cables, pencils and scratch paper. A detailed rider will be made available to you.
  • See the student version of the brochure.

Customized Content

Izolda’s workshop got everyone out of their seats and moving. Her tips were both informative and entertaining. This workshop is a must. -Amy Kaplan, President of the Howard County chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association

Target Audience: Who Will Benefit Most From These Exciting Workshops?

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Students
  • Group/Association Annual Meetings
  • Writers’ groups and conferences
  • You!

Thank you for visiting. As a bonus, here are some just a few Audio Files for Warming Up and Building Vocal Facility


Brand new! Here is a beautifully-demonstrated video of the warm-up process.

A full proper breath technique video is coming soon!

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